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Educational Course on Financial Statement Analysis!

Have you ever wanted to research a stock, but didn't know where to start? This series is for you!

This educational course provides you with:

  • An introduction to Financial Statement Analysis,
  • An understanding of how professional investors interpret financial statements,
  • Knowledge of where to find key financial statements and what to expect from their filings.

This educational series is designed for investors of all abilities to learn how to analyze financial statements!  

Lectures include the following:

  1. Why you want to understand Financial Statements!
  2. What is an Income Statement?
  3. A Deeper Dive Into the Income Statement!
  4. What is the Balance Sheet?
  5. Practical Analysis of the Balance Sheet!
  6. What is the Cash Flow Statement?
  7. Most Important, Nuances of Calculating Free Cash Flow!
  8. How & Where to Find the Relevant Information?
  9. What are Professional Investors looking for?

Aspiration: My goal with this educational course is to explain the basics of financial statements, but then overlay it with the questions a professional investor would also consider (i.e. what I wished I knew when I started investing). 

Feedback: So far the feedback has been extremely positive on these courses. That said, MY PLEDGE is that if there's any gap or questions, I'll either try to respond to it directly or create additional materials to address it (inclusive of the original purchase).