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Apple Stock: The NEW BIG Short?

Is Apple Stock, or AAPL stock, the NEW BIG SHORT?

Michael Burry, one of the greatest investors of all time, is betting AGAINST Apple stock. You can see his full portfolio update here: LINK

While Michael Burry isn't perfect (LINK), he does have a phenomenal track record. This feats include: 

1. Crushing the S&P 500 as it imploded following the 2000 .com mania. 

2. Making a huge bet against sub-prime mortgages before the Great Financial Crisis,

3. Calling out Cathie Wood, days before her investment ETFs peaked in 2021, as having huge downside risk,

4. Profiting off of GME (before the parabolic short squeeze). 

Given this incredible track-record, when I saw that his largest position by nominal value is short Apple stock via Put options, it got my interest. What does Michael Burry see that might drive Apple stock lower? 

You can see a video discussion on Apple's valuation and business considerations here (what might drive AAPL stock lower): LINK


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