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RECESSION NOW? Walmart & Target Stock

Walmart stock and Target stock are collapsing in response to higher inflationary pressures. 

Could this mean we're entering an imminent RECESSION? Why is HIGH INFLATION so bad for stocks?

While I just did a video on Walmart stock (HERE) and Target Stock (HERE), there's several reasons why these stocks are coming under pressure.

First, as food & oil prices sky-rocket, consumers are increasingly being forced to choose between what they NEED and what they WANT. This is putting pressure on HIGHER MARGIN, NON-ESSENTIAL goods. Target and Walmart won't be the only companies facing this challenge. 

But are we in a RECESSION?

So far Walmart & Target are NOT seeing a recession as store traffic and purchases are still growing. So why are their stocks dropping? 

Walmart and Target have seen their profit margins COLLAPSE as they haven't raised prices enough to keep up with rising labor, shipping costs, and materials costs. In the 1Q 2022 Target's...

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